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Fleet Fueling & Cardlock

Your customers count on you to keep your company fleet on the road. Not only do you need to keep your trucks serviced and maintained, but also well-fueled and ready to go.

You could have your vehicles fill up at retail locations. But fleet fueling can save two of your business’ most precious resources: time and money.

One huge advantage of fleet fueling is the time saved by filling your vehicles in one place. Instead of wasting time driving in traffic, your drivers fill up at a central location.

Cut downtime and keep your trucks out of fuel lines. Boost the efficiency of your operation and watch the savings go straight to the bottom line!

Let McCraw Oil and Propane provide you with custom fuel reports and controls. Track usage for each piece of your equipment to find trends and improve operations.

Trust our fleet fueling service to supply your fuel in a manner that meets all regulations. Our on-site tanks and other fueling options promise you safety and peace of mind.


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