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Residential & Commercial Propane

McCraw Oil and Propane meets all of your commercial and residential propane needs with fast, friendly service from one of our 7 branch offices.

Bulk Gasoline & Diesel Delivery

McCraw knows that you need fast, on-time delivery of bulk fuels to your construction site, farm or ranch to keep your business moving.

Farm & Ranch Supplies

We know that time is money, and we offer net wrap and common agricultural supplies with the convenience of one stop shopping?



Our business depends on our vehicles and equipment, and if yours does as well, McCraw provides specialized lubricants that increase reliability, efficiency, and profitability.

Agricultural Chemicals

We offer a full line of best-selling range and pasture herbicides and insecticides with both brand names and quality private brand products available.

Services Available at McCraw Oil and Propane – Durant, OK

Residential & Commercial Propane

Your furnace, water heater, and home appliances are better when powered by propane. Safe, clean-burning propane is a smart choice for your home, business, or farm. Its versatility, transportability, and low cost make it an ideal, American made fuel source.

McCraw’s flexible delivery options, automatic refill programs, and Safe & Secure Propane program give residential customers options to best fit their individual needs. Own your own tank and want to place your own orders? No problem. Need a tank? We have lease tank programs to fit your budget.

For commercial propane customers, our team can keep your  nursery, shop, office or barn warm in the coldest weather. We partner with Rinnai to offer great prices on their best-in-class tankless water heaters, and we can even custom design a tankless commercial water heating system to meet the most demanding service requirements. 

Need the convenience of automatic refills based on usage and weather? We have you covered, and we provide a wireless tank monitor to our larger volume commercial customers. Whether you need comfortable propane heat for your home, office, shop or green house or need one of our specialized services, such as on-site forklift cylinder refills or autogas filling stations, McCraw is the local, dependable source for your commercial and residential propane needs.

Bulk Gasoline & Diesel Delivery

McCraw is your source for bulk gasoline and diesel fuel delivery. We supply gasoline, on-road diesel and off-road diesle to farms, ranches, commercial fleets, schools, service stations, and more. Let us help you control fuel expenses with custom strategies and fuel management. Want the convenience of on-site fueling? We have tanks and pump options ranging from simple all the way to automated, networked fuel control systems.

McCraw can customize fuel distribution to meet any size fleet or fueling operation. We can handle any size fuel need from small, metered deliveries to full transport loads. Because of our buying volume we, we offer reliable, consistent supply at fair prices during even the most challenging fuel supply environments.

Our direct relationships with major fuel suppliers and petroleum equipment vendors make us a regional leaders in service and convenience. We are a one stop shop for even the most complex fuel storage and distribution needs, and we’ve spent decades building our robust distribution network. Get on-time delivery anywhere in our service area 365/24/7.

Farm & Ranch Supplies

McCraw knows that time is money and that convenience matters. That’s why we offer many common agricultural supplies, like herbicides, insecticides, lubricants, greases, hydraulic oils, net wrap and bailing twine. 

Let’s us be your one stop shop for the critical supplies that you need to keep your operation running smoothly. We offer convenient, free delivery to your location — often the same day. Need something special ordered? We are glad to help with shipments from most of our suppliers arriving weekly. 

Trust us to be invested in your farm’s success.


To deliver on our promise of quality service, we offer a full list of brand-name lubricants and quality private label products. Need premium lubricants to meet demanding requirements? Need specific brands to maintain warranties on expensive equipment? McCraw has what you need.

Want top quality and savings? Our high-quality, private-label lubricants meet the specs of nearly all engines and equipment. Our Xtreme™ lubricants are made at Martin Lubricant’s facility using top-tier oils.

We offer package sizes to fit every need from individual quarts or gallons all the way to totes, drums and bulk. Our deliveries are always fast and free. Make McCraw your one-stop-shop for quality engine oils, hydraulic oils, greases, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), antifreeze and other specialty products.

Agricultural Chemicals

McCraw offers an extensive line of herbicides and insecticides for farm and pasture application. We provide brand names and top-tier private label products to fit any need and budget. Want to save more? Ask us about special pricing for large quantities from totes to pallets to truckloads.

Our products are available for convenient pickup, or we will gladly deliver to your location. We are glad to special order products to meet your unique need, and our consultants are standing by to help you find the right products to meet your needs.

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