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Commercial & Residential Propane

McCraw Oil and Propane helps keep you comfortable at home. Use propane for heating, cooking, and lighting. Propane is a great choice for your business too. It’s less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuel. It emits fewer pollutants. And it’s produced right here in North America!

Propane delivery is also convenient. Get automatic deliveries. Or, if you prefer, order your propane as needed. When your tank reaches 30%, call in your commercial and residential propane orders. Our dedicated customer service will schedule your delivery fast, often within the week.

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Bulk Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Delivery

Fueling up at a retail station isn’t always a quick in-and-out. The time spent waiting to pump or pay can add up fast, especially with a large fleet. Bulk gasoline and diesel fuel delivery saves your company time and money at the pump.

Enjoy the reliability of having your own fueling station that’s always open. Get consistent fuel quality with every fill-up at a convenient location. Start experiencing the benefits of bulk gasoline and diesel fuel delivery on day one. Our team works 24/7 to keep your equipment moving.

Fleet Fueling

If you own a fleet-based company, you know the impact of rising operations costs. Fleet fueling programs generate fuel savings for businesses of any size. Get spending controls, fleet management, and fraud control. Track usage at the vehicle, equipment, and driver level.

McCraw offers a range of fleet fueling services, including on-site our Go Fuel Card™. Over 35 Kwik Chek convenience stores and standalone fueling sites accept our card.

Add a cost-effective, skid-mounted tank and pump system to your facility. Build a system to meet your needs with swipe cards, proximity cards, or phone-based systems.

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Does your business depend on powerful machines like cranes, dozers, tractors, and combines? McCraw can provide specialized lubricants that increase reliability, efficiency, and profitability.

The high-horsepower diesel motors that power your equipment call for premium, robust lubricants. Heavy loads put extra stress on engines, transmissions, differentials, and hydraulic systems.

We can deliver oils, greases, and additives for the following and more:

  • Diesel engines
  • Hydraulics
  • Transmissions
  • Differentials
  • Drive trains

Commercial Chemicals

Whether you need commercial chemicals for manufacturing, processing, or agriculture, count on McCraw. Get common commercial chemicals like fuels, solvents, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers.

Our buying power lets us offer the lowest prices available on commercial chemicals. Make McCraw Oil and Propane your one-stop-shop for fuels, propane, chemicals, and supplies.

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Farm & Ranch Supplies

Protecting your crops and livestock is key to your business and your livelihood. Get high-quality, trusted products used by farmers and ranchers throughout Texas and Oklahoma! Call McCraw for the chemicals, farm fuels, lubricants, and supplies you need. 

We offer complete, turn-key propane shop and barn heating systems. Harvest crops when you’re ready and stop waiting on the weather. Choose from a wide range of propane heaters, parts, and accessories. No matter what farm and ranch supplies you need, McCraw has you covered!

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