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Residential & Commercial Propane

Propane boosts the comfort, efficiency, and resale value of your home. It’s clean, safe, reliable, and made in the USA. McCraw Propane will keep your home warm, even on the coldest days. Propane heats faster and maintains warmth longer than electricity, saving you money and increasing your family’s comfort!

No matter what business you’re in, McCraw has a commercial propane solution for you. Offices, warehouses, greenhouses, resorts and restaurants use it for heating, cooking, lighting, and more. Our farm and ranch customers use clean burning, cost effective propane for poultry house and livestock barn heating. No matter what your commercial propane need, we have a solution for you.

Bulk Gasoline & Diesel Delivery

Experience the convenience of on-site bulk fueling with gasoline, road diesel and off-road diesel  deliveries from McCraw. Our keep full service and remotely monitored tanks will ensure that you have fuel when you need it – whether you are fueling a truck or car fleet, tractors, farm equipment or heavy machinery.

For higher volume cusotmers, we offer free fuel tanks and pumps along with 24/7 service. McCraw can get you bulk gasoline and diesel delivery anywhere, any time. Call to find out how you can improve you bottom-line with the convenience of on-site fueling, keep full inventory and modern fleet fueling equipment.

Fleet Fueling

Managing any size fleet can be a daunting task. McCraw Oil and Propane helps take the work and worry out of managing your fleet’s fuel use. Our industry leading fleet fueling technology lets you track fuel consumption and lower your fleet fueling costs.

We offer a solution to meet you needs. Do you need on-site fuel controls commercial fleet, farm or ranch? We can help by providing technology to authorize fueling based on swipe cards, RFID cards, PIN entry or even your employee’s cell phones. If you prefer to avoid on-site fuel tanks, we offer a network of over 30 fuel stations that accept our proprietary Go Fuel Card.  Whatever your needs, McCraw has a solution for you. Discover the best way to manage your fleet and save time and money doing it.


McCraw Oil and Propane offers a full range of branded and private label lubricants. We know that you need premium performance from your lubricants to meet demanding requirements and maintain equipment warranties. We also know that cost matters. That’s why offer high quality, private-label engine oil, hydraulic fluid, grease, antifreeze, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that meet the specs of today’s vehicles, tractors and heavy equipment.

We offer package sizes to handle any application from quarts and gallons to drums, totes and bulk. Whether you choose our brand-name or private-label lubricants, you’ll get an incredible value. Make us the one-stop-shop for all your lubricants.

Agricultural Chemicals

In your business, time is money. Get your range and pasture chemicals and common agricultural supplies from McCraw at fair prices with the convenience of one-stop shopping. Choose us for all your agricultural chemicals, bailing twine, net wrap, lubricants, propane, and fuel needs.

Pick from brand-name or quality private-label range and pasture herbicides. We also offer the most popular lubricants for your farm and ranch equipment. McCraw even offers leased fuel tanks and pumps to keep your ranch up and running. We’re a local business that wants to help you save time and cash on a wide range of common agricultural chemicals an supplies.

Farm & Ranch Supplies

You have a farm or ranch to run. You don’t have time to worry about fuel or supply deliveries. At McCraw Oil and Propane, we’re here for you 24/7 with fast, reliable service. We offer local delivery out of our regional warehouses to deliver whatever you need when you need it. We carry common agricultural supplies, like net wrap and bailing twine, at fair prices with one-stop shopping convenience.

Don’t forget us for your farm and ranch lubricants, propane and fuel. Do you have a specialty need to help boost the efficiency of your operation? We can help by designing a custom shop, barn or greenhouse propane heating system. Stop by your local McCraw location to check out our selection and sample our service.

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