Propane Mowers

Propane Mowers

Let McCraw Propane help you mow down the competition

Profitable landscape professionals know that propane can be the key to cutting expenses while increasing productivity and income. We know that poor service or unreliable delivery can halt your business by stranding your mowers. We work with you to optimize cylinder supply to match your workloads, offer premium lightweight aluminum cylinders, high-security cylinder cages, and same-day expedited service. We keep your equipment running—so you focus on keeping your business running.

Propane mowers come in walk-behind, stand-on, and zero-turn-radius models. The landscape experts on our Customer Care Team can help you determine whether OEM units or conversion is right for you.

More Green-Minded Customers
Leverage propane’s low-emissions to win bids that require clean fuels. Unlike gasoline or diesel, it doesn’t contaminate soil or water and significantly reduces emissions. From school and park districts to golf courses and resorts—propane helps you reduce your clients’ carbon footprint.

Reduced Fuel Loss
Propane equipment has a secure, closed-loop fuel system, and cylinders are stored in high-security cages. Unlike gasoline or diesel, there is no risk of fuel theft or costly, harmful spills, and it won’t deteriorate over time.

Reduced Labor Expenses
With propane’s convenient, on-site refueling, employees spend more time working and less time at the gas station.

Reduced Fuel Costs
Propane produces fewer emissions and is more efficient than gasoline and diesel, which is why it’s classified as a clean alternative energy source.

Reduced Equipment and Maintenance Costs
Propane mowers require less maintenance than gasoline or diesel, operate longer per shift, and because of the low emissions, they qualify for significant tax incentives, grants, and rebates. The landscape pros on our Customer Care Team can help you qualify for an incentive of $500 to $1,000 per mower for switching.

Abundant Supply Produced in the U.S.
Mowers that run on American-made propane reduce dependence on foreign oil and keep jobs at home.

Simple Refueling
Our turnkey programs include site planning, permitting, propane system design, installation, and training. From automatic delivery and remote fuel monitoring to cylinder cages and onsite refueling stations, McCraw offers options for your specific needs and budget. Visit the Refueling Station page or contact our Customer Care Team.

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