Commercial, Farm & Ranch

Commercial, Farm & Ranch

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Over one million commercial establishments such as hospitals, resorts, convenience stores, and restaurants use propane for air and water heating, cooking, refrigeration, clothes drying, lighting, and more. Industrial sites also rely on this American-made fuel for heating, brazing, soldering, cutting, and other uses. And for farms and ranches, propane is a clean, efficient fuel that keeps poultry, livestock, plants, and your bottom line healthier.

Propane equipment offers more efficiency, a cleaner output, and more consistent heat and water temperature than electricity. Farmers using propane for irrigation save up to 50% compared to diesel engines doing the same job. Plus, propane engines typically cost 20-40% less than diesel engines for comparable power. And propane water heaters reduce costs up to 30% as compared to electric units, with those costs dropping even further with heavy-duty commercial Rinnai tankless water heaters.

Most high-efficiency propane equipment qualifies for federal and state tax incentives, grants, and rebates—so contact the McCraw Customer Care Team to make sure you’re not missing out on crucial financial benefits.

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