Home Heating

Home Heating

Enjoy the comforts of a propane home

A McCraw Propane home means keeping your family warm on the coldest days. Hot showers. Cozying up by the fire. Simmering a hearty stew on the stove. A warm sweatshirt out of the dryer. A local company you can trust.

Propane improves the comfort, efficiency, affordability, and resale of your home. It is clean, safe, reliable—and is produced in America. Propane heats faster and maintains warmth longer than electricity saves money. Enjoy the comfort and service of living in a McCraw Propane home. Check out all the ways you can use propane here.

A Warmer, More Welcoming Home

If you want a warm, cozy home even on the coldest, most dreary winter days, you can’t beat a high-efficiency propane furnace. Its warm, comfortable heat simply can’t be matched by other kinds of heating systems when it comes to comfort. When you take comfort, performance, and efficiency into account, propane heating systems outperform nearly every other type of system for your home.

The Key to Comfort: Delivery Temperature

Many heat pumps and electric furnaces deliver heat at or below your normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. On cold days, that leaves your home feeling noticeably drafty and uncomfortable. Propane heating systems produce higher air temperatures when they come out of the vent—around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Electric units just don’t cut it when it comes to warmth and can leave your home and family feeling cool and drafty. Contact us for a free in-home evaluation of your heating needs!

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