Propane Autogas & Fleets

Propane Autogas & Fleets

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More than 60% of alternative-fueled vehicles in North America run on propane autogas including school buses, trucks, police vehicles, forklifts, lawnmowers, and tractors. McCraw’s autogas experts know how daunting it can be to select the best clean fuel option for your fleet—and most importantly, one that keeps them on the road! We’ve been on the leading edge of alternative vehicle fuels in Texas and Oklahoma for years, and we take the worry out of meeting clean air standards. We’ll help you choose the right refueling option based on your fleet size, routes, budget, and facility space. See why so many vehicles run on clean-burning, American-made propane.

Cost Effective With Lower Overall Costs of Ownership
Propane costs considerably less than gasoline or diesel and saves on costs such as fluids, filters, and repairs.

Reduced Vehicle Maintenance Means More Uptime
Your fleet runs stronger for longer. Propane’s high-octane rating means less wear and tear, and no complex diesel emissions systems.

Reduced Emissions
Propane autogas produces 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% less nitrogen oxide, and 10% less carbon dioxide than gasoline.

Propane Pays you Back
Propane is so clean that most propane fleets are eligible for significant tax credits, grants, and additional rebates.

Powerful Performance
Propane autogas vehicles are proven to deliver comparable horsepower, torque, and towing capacity to gasoline.

Abundant Supply Produced in the U.S.
Fleet vehicles that run on American-made propane reduce dependence on foreign oil and keep jobs at home.

Fuel and Vehicle Safety
Propane autogas tanks are 20-times more puncture-resistant than gasoline tanks and have the lowest flammability range. Coupled with lower emissions from the tailpipe, these benefits have spurred the increase in propane autogas school buses to keep students safe.

Simple Refueling
At onsite refueling sites or one of the 2,500 propane autogas stations across the country, filling up your vehicle is simple, quick, and safe.

Ready to switch? Our Customer Care Team can help you decide if converting your fleet or investing in new vehicles is the right choice.

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