Switching to Propane

Switching to Propane

Don’t settle for anything less than propane!

Propane gas offers more comfort, convenience, cost savings, and efficiency than almost any other fuel. Don’t settle for electricity when natural gas isn’t available. Propane delivers warmer, cozier heat; perfectly cooked meals; hot showers on demand; the ambiance of a fireplace; clothes that last longer in the laundry, and so much more. If you’re frustrated with your electric appliances and want to save money and reduce your environmental impact—a switch to propane is as simple as a call to our Customer Care Team.

Moving in to a new home with propane?

We’re here to help you and your family learn how to manage your new appliances, advise you on any recommended upgrades, decide whether leasing or buying a tank is best for you, and help set up your account with McCraw. Contact our Customer Care Team, and we’d be happy to help you make the most of your new propane home.

propane vs electricity

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