Clothes Dryers

Clothes Dryers

Propane clothes dryers do everything but fold

Propane clothes dryers outperform electric models in energy efficiency, drying time, and garment protection. It doesn’t matter if you run one load a week or face a mountain of laundry every day, a propane dryer makes a big impact on your family’s budget with annual savings of up to 20 percent compared to electric. Did you also know that a single propane dryer can save nearly one ton of CO2 emissions over its life compared to an electric dryer? Now that’s good for everyone!

With faster drying, longer lasting clothing, fewer wrinkles, less ironing, and big savings in energy costs—propane clothes dryers do a lot to improve your home environment and take the doldrums out of laundry duty! Contact our Customer Care Team for a free in-home evaluation of your indoor and outdoor appliances.

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