On-Site Bulk Fueling

On-Site Bulk Fueling

When only on-site fueling will work

When you need the convenience of on-site fleet fueling, we can handle any need from small to large! Our customers enjoy turnkey solutions for any size fleet, and we can help you to find the most cost efficient solution to meet your needs. We have extensive experience with both simple tank and pump systems all the way to multi-site, integrated, card based fueling systems. Our state-of-the art larger fleet fueling solutions will even deliver sophisticated reporting and allow for a variety of fuel access controls, including mag stripe cards, proximity cards, PIN entry and even cell phone based access.

Wide range of equipment options

  • For larger fleets, we offer options for card based or cell phone based fuel access control
    • PIN security at a user level
    • Detailed usage reporting by vehicle, equipment or driver
    • Authorized product restrictions
    • Instantly lock-out lost or stolen cards
    • Remote, real-time access to card maintenance and fueling transactions
  • For smaller fleets, we offer tank and pump options to meet every need and budget
    • Simple tank / pump options where access control is not an issue
    • Economical PIN only based access fuel controller
  • Modern, double walled tanks with lease / loan options
  • Full, turn-key installation and construction consulting

Custom services to meet your unique needs

  • Fixed price and price cap options
  • Quantity discounts
  • Remote tank monitoring for accurate “keep full” deliveries
  • Consigned fuel options to avoid inventory holding costs

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