Builders & Developers

Builders & Developers

Fast-track your construction schedules

We know that one tardy subcontractor throws off your entire timeline—after all, we’re construction pros too. We partner with builders and community developers across Texas and Oklahoma, and with our Turnkey Builder’s Program, that number grows every day. We’re members of our state and local builders’ associations so we stay up to date on building trends and challenges, and we know local building codes and standards.

With flexible delivery and payment options to help with all stages of a build—we partner with you throughout the process to make sure the job is done right.

Propane is so clean, you earn money back

Propane is affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly for heating your customers’ homes, buildings, and water. Propane increases property values—which makes them easier to sell, and there are rebates that put money back in your pocket. Propane is a home energy upgrade that gives your customers superior comfort and lower energy costs compared with all-electric homes. That’s why, for builders and  remodelers alike, adding propane performance is a significant competitive advantage. Builders can earn up to $1,500 per home, for as many homes as you build or remodel, when you add propane appliances. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Savvy construction pros turn to propane for the warmth, comfort, savings, and reliability it gives their customers. They turn to McCraw to make it worry-free. Contact our Customer Care Team to schedule a free site consultation. Our team of experts help you navigate the complex process of securing state and national rebates and incentives including the Propane Construction Incentive Program.

Refer a friend and earn $50!

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